martes, 4 de noviembre de 2008

“Aquí los únicos civilizados son los animales” (Abel Desestress)

Conoces algún animal que solo mate por placer…?
Solo deja que tu conciencia disfrute de la existencia, y la paz se hará en tu mente. (Abel Desestress)

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Omar dijo...

It is with regret that we announce the passing of Abel Martin Lopez Rodriquez, the Massage Therapist/Musician/Song Writer/Soloist and Blogger.

He was murdered in his home in Chetumal, MX on 10/18/2009.
He lay alone for over 12 hours until a passer-by found him.

He leaves 4 children, Alejandra 25 of Argentina, Triccia 23 of Mexico, Maria Louisa 10 of United States and Abril Rose 8 of United States. AND more friends than can be counted, as he touched many lives with his gifts.

His Healing Hands will be missed by many. His motto to awake each morning with a smile and say Thank You for one more day and to live that Day to it's Fullest as it could be your last, will be remember BY ALL.